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 Man turns GTA IV box into computer

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Man turns GTA IV box into computer Empty
PostSubject: Man turns GTA IV box into computer   Man turns GTA IV box into computer Icon_minitimeFri May 23, 2008 12:02 pm

After not being able to pre-order GTA IV, Mark Harris had to buy a Special Edition of it, and now he is more happy than ever, because after having some free time, he decided that he could turn it into a computer case.
When you got your special edition copy of Grand Theft Auto IV, did you ever think 'Hey, that would make an awesome case for a PC?' No? Well, Mark Harris did. So there.

During a quiet spot at work, Harris took a miniITX system and saw the potential in its size. "Normally I don't see the point in buying limited / special editions of computer games," he told us, "as they come with items that you will find yourself throwing away after a while.
"Not pre-ordering my GTA IV early enough meant I had to order the special edition. I'm glad that I did."
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Man turns GTA IV box into computer
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