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 The insider for PSM3 gives you the scoop on upcoming games

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PostSubject: The insider for PSM3 gives you the scoop on upcoming games   Wed May 07, 2008 1:05 pm

PSM3 have released a new batch of rumours through there mysterious 'insider' source. The rumours are that David Cage is working on another title alongside Heavy Rain, that Beyond Good or Evil 2 is likely being worked on, that the Simpsons Game 2 is in the works and that the Big Daddy of all secret AAA shooters will be revealed soon. Now put on those Sherlock Homes hats!

A new mystery game is being worked on, going “alongside the stunning-looking Heavy Rain”, this is being worked on by Fahrenheit creator David Cage

- Beyond Good and Evil 2 is one sequel which “most likely will see the light of day”

- Enjoy the Leisure Suit Larry games? Well a movie based on the game is said to be worked on.

- The Simpsons Game 2? Well The Insider believes EA are working on another one.

- We all know that Call of Duty 5 is not being developed by Infinity Ward; however developers Treyarch have been working on it now for a lot longer than they did for number 3. Almost two years so far, compared to the standard nine months.

Finally on a side note, next months mag will feature “the big Daddy of secret AAA shooters revealed”, well let the speculation begin.
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The insider for PSM3 gives you the scoop on upcoming games
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