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 12 Reasons to buy GTA IV

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12 Reasons to buy GTA IV Empty
PostSubject: 12 Reasons to buy GTA IV   12 Reasons to buy GTA IV Icon_minitimeFri Apr 18, 2008 3:28 pm

12 reasons to buy... Grand Theft Auto IV
Here's why you'll lose your social life, job, and girlfriend come April the 29th

1 You can bring down everything

Using heavier weapons like grenades, you can destroy parts of the environment permanently. That police station is first on our list.

2 There's more blood

Health is measured by the amount of blood on your clothes as well as semi-circle on the left of your radar. Because health bars are so old-fashioned.

3 The phone's great

Your mobile plays a much bigger part -- you can listen to the radio on foot and during shootouts, set reminders, and even take pictures with it.

4 Charity, gta-style

You can give bums cash when they ask for it. Don't worry, you can kill them and nick it back.

5 No load screens

Whenever you enter a building or new part of the city, there'll be no let up in the action.

6 The cops get more involved

Annoy some bikers and the cops will shoot at what they assume is a murderous gang chasing an innocent civilian. Little do they know!

7 You can get drunk

Drink too much, and the screen starts veering around wildly. Thankfully, you don't get a hangover.

8 Drive-bys 2.0

Smash the car window using the left shoulder button, then aim your uzi at the granny's face using the right stick.

9 You don't get tired

Bash X to run like in previous games, but you won't get tired and have to walk.

10 Passers-by can report crimes

Pedestrians can report your crime spree using their phones. Of course, they can't call if you've blown their heads off.

11 Multiplayer is go

You access it through your in-game mobile, and up to 16 people can riot at once. Let's rumble.

12 Crashing is even more fun

Stack it on your motorbike and your helmet comes off. Brain-smeared highways, here we come!
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12 Reasons to buy GTA IV
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