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 How Well Do You Really Know The Ps3

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How Well Do You Really Know The Ps3 Empty
PostSubject: How Well Do You Really Know The Ps3   How Well Do You Really Know The Ps3 Icon_minitimeFri Apr 25, 2008 1:08 pm

Here is a list of small things you probably didn't know and isn't in the manual.

Pictures can be viewed in slideshows in various ways, after it's started you can play music with it for more effect.

Clicking triangle on a picture opens up more options, one of which is to set the picture as a background, another neat one is to take the picture and zoom in/out and get only a part of a picture that can become your whole screen.

While watching a video you can click triangle and select change icon at a part of the movie you like. The next 15 seconds of the movie are recorded and replace the image for the movie you see on the main page.

The account section you see on the main page is a way to identify yourself and make friends in online games, when you have an account you can talk with any friend you have in an AIM like chat.

Want to know how much charge your controller has while playing? press the PS button to bring up the screen then hold it down even more and a charge indicator will appear showing your charge left.

If you want your album photo to match your PS3 music files, all you have to do is take a stick drive and save the photo off you cocmputer and transport it to the PS3 (how to do this above), then simply go into the photo menu and put the photo as the image for the music track and bingo.
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How Well Do You Really Know The Ps3
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