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 PS3 Beginner Help, Tips, And Tricks Guide

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PS3 Beginner Help, Tips, And Tricks Guide Empty
PostSubject: PS3 Beginner Help, Tips, And Tricks Guide   PS3 Beginner Help, Tips, And Tricks Guide Icon_minitimeFri Apr 25, 2008 1:05 pm

How well do you really know the PS3?

As you know, when you buy a PS3, there are many, many options and things to do on it. They only problem is while you try some of the many options available you miss some other key components to optimize your PS3 experience.

There are things I didn't know and still don't know about the PS3. For instance, how many of us had a PS2 before the PS3? Probably a lot, but what scared me when I opened the box was that there was no memory slot to get all your old games back! I was scared at first but then a friend told me how to solve the problem.

The solution I found was a little thing called a PS3-PS2 memory card adapter. It is a small device you can plug a memory card into that has a USB plug at the end. I got one off my friend and in 5 minutes all my old games were back, and forever saved on the PS3!

The PS3-PS2 memory card adapter usually runs from about $10-15 nowadays but can be found in used bins for less. There are quite a few useful tools for the PS3 out their even though their are a huge amount already installed.

Apart from the just the PS2 memory adapter trick there is a huge selection of things on the PS3 most people don't know about, or notice. Most of the stuff you miss is simply the fact that much bigger toys are in the way. Of course with the PS3's huge option base there is a large number of things you can mess up or get glitched on.
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PS3 Beginner Help, Tips, And Tricks Guide
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