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 Download new content for Lair

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Download new content for Lair Empty
PostSubject: Download new content for Lair   Download new content for Lair Icon_minitimeThu Apr 24, 2008 12:10 pm

Expand your Lair experience and download brand new content from PLAYSTATION Store (PS3).

Lair on PLAYSTATION 3 is an epic adventure in which you seize the reins of a giant flying dragon and take on a vicious army against the backdrop of a stunning fantasy world. And the experience just got bigger thanks to exclusive new content. There are two packs available for download, the first of which offers a totally new control scheme as well as Remote Play with PSP.

The new control scheme lets you guide your Warbeast using the left stick instead of the SIXAXIS Wireless Controller's motion sensor function and Remote Play allows you to carry the battle with you anywhere on PSP.

This first pack will install automatically the next time you start up the Lair Blu-ray Disc, providing your PLAYSTATION 3 is connected to the internet.

The second pack, only available from PLAYSTATION Store (PS3), adds four songs to the award winning musical score and two new playable dragons; Poison Dragon and Wind Dragon.

Poison Dragon is bigger and slower than the other Warbeasts, making up for this with destructive fireballs and a devastating flame breath; Wind Dragon is fast, agile and offers unrivalled manoeuvrability to the most skilled riders.
Download both packs now to breathe new fire into the Lair experience.
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Download new content for Lair
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