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 Get High Quality DVD Copy? What Kind of DVD Copy Software?

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PostSubject: Get High Quality DVD Copy? What Kind of DVD Copy Software?   Sun Jun 27, 2010 9:01 pm

Various DVD copy software may dazzling your eyes and these software all promise to offer you the perfect backup for your DVD in digital formats or discs. In my opinion, if you want to have the best backup for your disc, you’d better choose disc backup because it is not only safer but also has higher video quality. After tried several different DVD copy software, I want to introduce this one to you, TOP DVD Clone.

TOP DVD Clone has three cloning options for your DVD-9 and DVD-5. You can find them in the clear interface.

The first one-to-one cloning means that you can copy one DVD-9 to one blank DVD-9 and if you insert a DVD-5, you can copy it to one blank DVD-5.

The second one-to-two cloning means that one D9 disk can be copied into two D5 blank disks.
The last one-to-one compression means that one D9 disk can be compressed to one blank D5 disk.

These three cloning options can satisfy almost all of users’ demands. In addition to the practical options, TOP DVD Clone also empowers you to have your settings freely. After click the setting button, you can select temporary path for the video, type in DVD label and choose to automatically shutdowns your computer after the cloning job completed.

After the short copying time, the program will announce you to insert the blank disc you want to burn. The burning speed can be the fastest among the similar programs in the same industry while it keeps the high video quality of original DVD.

Overall, TOP DVD Cloner is an effective, qualified and easy-to-use DVD copying application which can be the best choice.
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Get High Quality DVD Copy? What Kind of DVD Copy Software?
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